SCAG will allow the following Turf Tiger II’s to be sold as a single fleet on the Turf Tiger II Fleet Special Program.    July 12 - September 30

Eligible Models:

STTII-61V-25KA (841M) at $11,390 Fleet price   Suggested Retail: $13,400

STTII-61V-26DFI (841Q) at $12,325 Fleet price   Suggested Retail: $14,500

STTII-72V-26DFI (841U) at $12,750 Fleet price   Suggested Retail: $15,000 

STTII-72V-26CH-EFI (841T) at $11,390 Fleet price   Suggested Retail: $13,400

  • Units must be retailed and registered within promo period only
  • Claims must be received at TOP Equipment no later than October 1, 2018
  • Turf Tiger Fleet promotion will follow the standard fleet terms
  • Single STTII units sold under this program will not be eligible for Fleet pricing extensions.
  • Pricing shown is 15% off suggested retail. 
  • Contact your Territory Manager for additional details