2016 V-Ride promotion February 4 - March 31

Starting February 4th, all participating dealers can sell a SCAG V-Ride mower at the special promo pricing. Any V-Ride sold and registered under the discount structure outlined below in the months of February or March will be eligible for promo rebates listed on next page.

• ONE unit qualifies for promo pricing.

• All V-Ride models qualify.

• Program runs February 4, 2016 – March 31, 2016.

• Units must be retailed and registered in February or March only!

• Claims must be received at TOPE no later than Friday, April 15th, 2016; Late claims will not be accepted!

• Units sold over the promo pricing outlined below will not be eligible for rebates.

• All claims must be submitted on the V-Ride Special claim form. 

8B10 SVR36A-15FS         $6100 Cutter $5695 Promo

8B11 SVR36A-19FX         $7000 Cutter $6460 Promo

8B12 SVR48V-22FX          $7600 Cutter $6970 Promo

8B14 SVR61V-25FX         $8000 Cutter $7395 Promo

8B15 SVR61V-26CV-EFI   $8100 Cutter $7565 Promo

8B16 SVR52V-25CV-EFI   $8000 Cutter $7395 Promo

8B17 SVR52V-23FX          $7900 Cutter $7310 Promo

Important: 2016 V-Ride form must be fully completed and submitted before April 15th for reimbursement. 

Contact you Territory Manager for details.

2016 Annual Courtesy Parts Return Program

2016 Annual Courtesy Parts Return Program

Please see attachment for all details. An annual return may be submitted for review starting today, Jan 22 through Oct 17th. 

Please E-mail Return Lists to 

or Fax Return Lists to 800-863-8673 marked with

ATTN: Annual Parts Return also Put Dealer Name & Dealer Number on Paper. TOPE will confirm receipt of fax by phone call to validate return.


New 2016 Billy Goat Master Parts Price List

New 2016 Billy Goat Master Parts Price List is attached. There is an across the board price increases on Billy Goat parts and accessories. 

Substituted and obsolete parts are shown without retail.

Please use a "B" prefix for Billy Goat when ordering from TOP Equipment. 


New Scag Turf Tiger II Availability Info

New Scag Turf Tiger II's with larger hp liquid cooled Kawasaki engines will be available in Spring 2016. #841X STTII-61V-31DFI at $13,699 Cutter and #841Y  STTII-72V-31DFI at $14,499 Cutter.

TOPE Christmas Break Holiday Schedule

We will be closed Tuesday December 22 through Friday January 1st, 2016 for ChristmasThe online ordering system will be up and running 24/7. 

TOP Equipment will be closing early at 4:00 p.m on Monday December 21st. Please have your orders in before 3:00 for same day processing.

Monthly statements will be created on December 21st and unpaid invoices will be aged. ACH payments will need to be processed by December 20th to reflect on the December statement.

TOP Equipment will reopen on January 4th for shipping. 

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holidays!

ECHO has introduced the new GT-225SF at $179.99 for 2016

ECHO has introduced the new GT-225SF at $179.99 for 2016. Same as the GT-225 at $169.99, but with a Speed Feed head. It is in stock and available for shipping. 


2016 Curved Shaft ECHO Trimmers

GT-225-2A      $169.99 retail  

21.2cc engine, 10.1 lbs, i-30 starter, 48" shaft, 2 per box, 2-line Rapid Loader head


GT-225SF-2A  $179.99 retail

21.2cc engine, 10.6 lbs, i-30 starter, 48" shaft, 2 per box, Speed-Feed 400 head

The GT-225SF-2A is a new option and will not replace the GT-225-2A.


GT-225I           $189.99 retail

21.2cc engine, 10.6 lbs, i-75 starter, 48" shaft, 1 per box, 2-line Rapid Loader head


GT-225L         $199.99 retail

21.2cc engine, 11.2 lbs, i-30 starter, 55" shaft, 1 per box, Speed-Feed 400 head