"Open Letter to a Great Dealer"

I want to brag on a few people!

Dear Brad and Vanessa,

If I knew the owner's email address I would be sending this directly to them.

I wanted to tell you both how much I appreciated all of the help you gave.  Brad, thank you so much for spending the time you did with me on the phone and then again this afternoon  while I was in the store. I had heard that Echo made a really good product and after talking to you, I decided to bite the bullet and pay a little extra. Course, had I done so 4 years ago, I would have saved nearly $500!  My friend calls that a "stupid tax". lol

To the owner:  As a customer and as a business owner I wanted to tell you that you not only sell a great product, but you have some GREAT people working for you.  Sadly, true customer service seems to have gone by the waste side... but not at Ike's.  I was blown away that Brad took the time to file my warranty papers for me, Vanessa took my new trimmer and blower in the back, filled them with gas and cranked them up.  I'd be lucky to have someone say "hi" to me at the big home improvement stores, much less do the paper work, give me a free tank of gas and then help me carry it out to my car!  NOW THAT'S TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

When I got back to the house, both cranked up on the FIRST PULL!  I was impressed not only by that, but how quite they both are.  For once I didn't need to blast my iPod just to hear the music over the trimmer.  Both did an excellent job!

I can say thanks enough to Brad and Vanessa for all of their help and for taking the time to educate me on how to care for and what is best for my new machines.  I never would have thought of buying 93 Octane or that older gas could cause a problem.  But then again, I thought 2 cycle oil was all of the same... thanks Brad for teaching me that it wasn't.  Not once did Brad ever treat me like I was an idiot or that I should have already known.  He was very understanding, patient and helpful.  Thank you again for all of your help.

I definitely will be telling everyone about the great service I received at Ike's and will be HIGHLY recommending your store.  I have already written a review on your google listing.

THANK YOU!!!  I WILL be buying from you again!

Mark Sykes, CPP

Mark Sykes Photography

Don Heller