SCAG V-Ride 45 Degree Angle Fitting Issue

As some of you are aware, we have been dealing with a leaking issue regarding the 45 degree fittings used on the V-Ride. Although the issue did not affect every unit produced, there have been a few units that have experienced leaks either during set up or during the first few hours of operation.

The jam nut and back up washer on the o-ring side of the fitting was direct cause of the issue. As of today, we have switch suppliers of this fitting and now have them in stock using the same part number of 48485-01. All inventory of the previous suppliers fitting have been purged from our inventory plus we have asked your parts managers (if you had stock) to return any 48485-01 fittings that your distributorship had to insure all replacement fittings going forward (shipped out after today) are not potentially defective. We have sufficient inventory in stock to take care of your requirements, so you can order these as needed. If you have a unit in the field currently that is experiencing this issue, you may order the fittings directly from us to correct the issue once and for all. Please be rest assured that the new fitting is of better quality / durability and will solved the issue if installed correctly. To insure the installation is done properly, please reference the installation instructions below. The correct torque for the jam nut / o-ring side of the fitting is 60 ft/lbs +10 and -0.  We will also be releasing a service information sheet with this information as well. If you have questions regarding the torque of the JIC (hose side) of the fitting, please reference Service Information Sheet 138 posted on for more information.

We apologize for the issues we’ve experienced with this fitting and firmly believe this issue has been resolved.

Attached is the product brochure for the new fitting being used.

Don Heller