The PB-255 has been replaced by the PB-255LN

The PB-255 $199.99 retail has been replaced by model PB-255LN 199.99 retail.

All of the ECHO models with "LN" designation are 65 dB(A) or less using ANSI B175.2-2002 to qualify as a low noise blower. The changes to the unit will only affect the sound labels, model labels, packaging, and operator’s manuals. 

Along with the current PB-460LN and PB-255LN, the PB-250 and PB-265L will also add model designation "LN" in the future.
A clearly identifiable low noise blower program through ECHO will help raise the profile of our low noise blower options and allow our ECHO dealers to take the top position in this growing market. With these changes, ECHO will have the largest low noise blower selection of any manufacturer.
Don Heller