B3C Diesel Dealer Kit is Now Available. Item #B3C9-010

B3C Diesel Dealer kit is now available.

Please note that this kit is intended for standard diesel. Not all tests will work on Ag red diesel.

Item #B3C9-010 includes:

B3C3-004-12    4oz Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle (Qty 12)

B3C3-016-9     16oz Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle (Qty 9)

B3C3-032-8     32oz Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle (Qty 8)

B3C6-012-6-X    New Reusable 12" Diesel Tank Snake (Qty1)

B3C6-024-6-X    New Reusable 24" Diesel Tank Snake (Qty 1)

                        and Diesel Fuel Testing Kit (Qty 1)

Don Heller