We are accepting parts booking orders for immediate or future shipping

We are accepting parts booking orders for immediate or future shipping. 

A pre-season parts order qualifies dealer for 2014 TOP-Stock Parts Order Program. 


Qualifying Order

      One order only, shipped prior to January 31, 2014 ($600 minimum)

      Order must be placed online. Please put “Parts Booking” in the Add Comment or Shipping Instructions field.

      Parts only: Accessories should be ordered with upcoming unit booking orders. Echo and Shindaiwa accessories include oil, trimmer line, heads, bars, chains, etc and Scag accessories include Flat Free Tires, Mulch plates/kits, catchers, etc. 

     A and coded Echo/Shindaiwa parts and Standard Scag parts   receive parts booking discount as noted below.    

      Scag pumps, motors, transmissions, clutches, and decks do not qualify as parts for additional booking discounts.

      To qualify as an Echo/Shindaiwa parts booking dealer, order includes a minimum $600 in Echo and Shindaiwa parts. Parts from other product lines may be added after the $600 minimum is reached. 

Echo and Shindaiwa parts booking order required as part of factory Signature program.

      To qualify as a Scag parts booking dealer, order includes a minimum $600 in Scag parts. Parts from other product lines may be added or combined after the $600 minimum is reached. 

Scag parts booking order required as part of Scag Pro-Gold program.

     Parts booking orders may take one to five days for processing and shipping based on size and volume.


Discounts, Terms and Benefits

$600*  additional 2% discount and April/May terms

$1000   additional 3% discount and April/May terms

$1500   additional 4% discount and April/May terms

$2000+ additional 5% discount and May/June terms

Pre-Season parts order ships Freight Allowed. Freight Billed on invoice. Dealer may deduct freight from final payment.

*600 parts order only available until January 31,2014.

Echo and Shindaiwa A and B coded parts receive an additional 5% discount when ordered online.

Scag parts booking dealers receive best parts pricing on all orders.

November 2013 through October 2014 calendar 


Please give us a call with any questions.

Don Heller