BEAR CAT WT24 Series Wheeled Trimmers in Stock

All WT24 Series Wheeled Trimmers and Accessories in stock and ready to ship from TOP Equipment

New design

  • Subaru EAV190V engine
  • 21" wheel base and 24" cut
  • Use up to .175 CROSS-FIRE Line **NEW**
  • Warranty: 3 year Consumer, 1 year Commercial, or 90 day Rental

WT24    TRIMMER, PUSH W/OFFSET      $529.00 Retail  

WT24S  SELF-PROPELLED TRIMMER     $999.99 Retail

WT24T  TILT TRIMMER                           $679.99 Retail

NEW accessories for the WT24 series now in stock at TOP Equipment

  • BC32031-00 20".175 DIA. CROSS-FIRE(10PK)     $7.00 Retail
  • BC32033-00 75FT DONUT (.085LB) .175 X-FIRE $14.00 Retail
  • BC32035-00 3LB SPOOL .175 X-FIRE                $35.00 Retail
  • BC77524-00 TRIMMER WRENCH SET KIT         $12.00 Retail
  • BC32086-00 TRIPLE BLADE BRUSH CUTTER    $65.00 Retail

and the classic BC74548-00 SABRETOOTH BLADE $80.00 Retail


Bear Cat Wheel Trimmers 2013.jpg
Don Heller