SCAG 8B10 SVR36A-541FS available to ship from TOPE

In stock now! 

New #8B10 SVR36A-541FS with 541FS Kawasaki recoils start V-twin at $5,999 Cutter.This unit is eligible for current V-Ride promo and can be sold at Fleet pricing through April 30th!

Current V-Ride Mowers

  • #8B10 SVR36A-541FS 36" Advantage™ Cutter Deck, Kawasaki 541FS air-cooled, recoil start engine
  • Cutter $5,999 
  • #8B11 SVR36A-600FX 36" Advantage™ Cutter Deck, Kawasaki 600FX air-cooled, electric start engine  
  • Cutter $6.699
  • #8B12 SVR48V-691FX 48" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, Kawasaki 691FX air-cooled, electric start engine 
  • Cutter $7,299
  • #8B13 SVR52V-730FX 52" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, Kawasaki 730FX air-cooled, electric start engine  
  • Cutter $7,699
  • 8B14 SVR61V-801FX 61" Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, Kawasaki 801FX air-cooled, electric start engine  
  • Cutter $7,799

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Don Heller