SCAG SWZT Zero Turn Walk Behind Mowers Now Available

SCAG SWZT Zero Turn Walk Behind Mowers now available

The Scag SWZT Zero Turn Walk Behind Mower sets new standards in comfort and quality. Its outstanding operator control system, floating, easy-adjust cutter deck and smooth and powerful hydraulic drive system makes mowing a dream. In fact the SWZT may just be thesmoothest walk-behind Scag has ever built. 

The all new, incredibly ergonomic control system was designed to make operation easy, not a fatigue causing fight. The controls not only contour to the natural angles of your extended hands, but are placed to keep your hands out of harms way when mowing next to trees and bushes. The main control bar is tied together at the top for additional strength and leverage. 

When it's time to mow, simply set your desired forward speed, flip the thumb releases and you are off to an enjoyable mowing experience. Use the numbered forward speed selector to find just the right speed for the job at hand.

Dual hydraulic ZT-2800 transaxles with cooling fans and steel fan covers allow independent, amazingly smooth and positive power to each wheel. With counter-rotation turning, one wheel moves forward while the other moves backward during a zero-turn, minimizing scuffed turf and increasing maneuverability in heavily landscaped areas. 

With Scag tough, commercial-duty 36" or 48" cutter decks, you will get the perfect cut, the first time, every time. Heavy duty construction, a floating style deck and great features like an intergrated parking brake and the new control system set the SWZT apart from the competition. 

Current Scag Walk Behind Mowers

Freedom Walk-Behinds

7700 SFW36-16BV         $2800 Cutter price

7701 SFW48-16BV         $3100 Cutter price

Belt Drive Walk-Behinds

7062 SW32-481FS        $3500 Cutter price

7063 SW36A-481FS      $3500 Cutter price

7064 SW48V-481FS      $3900 Cutter price

7065 SW52V-541FS      $4400 Cutter price

Hydro-Drive Walk-Behinds

7800 SWZT36-481FS    $4400 Cutter price

7801 SWZT48-541FS    $4600 Cutter price

7280 SWZ36A-481FS    $5600 Cutter price

7281 SWZ48V-541FS    $5800 Cutter price

7282 SWZ52V-600FS    $6200 Cutter price


Don Heller