Shindaiwa DH232-2 and DH235-2 Now In Stock

Shindaiwa has changed the model designation on two Double Sided Hedge Trimmers:

DH232-24 is now DH232-2    22.8" 2-SIDED HEDGE TRIMMER  $499.99 retail

DH232-30 is now DH235-2    28" DOUBLE SIDED HEDGE TRIMMER  $519.99 retail

CLICK HERE for Price Tag PDF

CLICK HERE for Shindaiwa Model Number Translation PDF

The new models will simply be promoted as DH232 and DH235

The new "-2" suffix designates these units as two per box for inventory and ordering.


Available Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmers

AHS242   23.9CC ARTICULATED HEDGETRIMME         $519.99

AHS254   24.5CC SHORT SHFTD HDGE TRIMMER        $529.99

AH242     23.9CC ARTICULATED HEDGETRIMMER        $549.99

AH254     24.5CC SHAFTED HEDGE TRIMMER                $559.99


DH232-2   22.8" 2-SIDED HEDGE TRIMMER                     $499.99

DH254-24 24" DOUBLE SIDED HEDGE TRIMMER          $489.99

DH235-2   28" DOUBLE SIDED HEDGE TRIMMER          $519.99


HT231-30  22.5CC 30" HEDGE TRIMMER                         $479.99

HT232-30  21.2CC 30" HEDGE TRIMMER                         $519.99

HT232-40  21.2CC 40" HEDGE TRIMMER                         $539.99

HT254-40  40" SINGLE SIDED HEDGE TRIMMER           $299.99*

*stock reduction price

Don Heller