Scag has introduced 841F STT72V-31KB-DF Dual-Fuel at $15,999 Cutter

Scag has introduced 841F STT72V-31KB-DF  Dual-Fuel

Suggested List  $17,499

Cutter               $15,999

The new STT72V-31KB-DF Dual-Fuel runs on either gasoline or propane, and yet again sets itself apart from the competition. The operator can switch between the two fuel sources by simply flipping a switch right from the seat, even with the engine running! This level of flexibility can not be found on any other mower today. Units in stock at TOP Equipment.

Flip the switch over to propane, cut grass and leave beautiful results with the Velocity Plus cutter deck. Running low on propane, or working in an area where it is not required? Flip the switch back over to gasoline. 

Note: To meet the demands of propane-only requirements, this model can be easily converted to propane-only by installing a simple conversion kit, part number 462222

Don Heller