SCAG and TOP Equipment are sold out of #840V STT61V-26CH-EFI at $11,199 Cutter Price

SCAG and TOP Equipment are sold out of #840V STT61V-26CH-EFI  at $11,199 Cutter price. This standard Turf Tiger has been replaced by the new Turf Tiger II #841P STTII-61V-26CH-EFI at $11,599 Cutter price.

Available Turf Tiger inventory

841K   STTII-52V-26CH-EFI     $11,299 Cutter

840L   STT61V-35BVAC         $11,499 Cutter LIMITED INVENTORY

841R   STTII-61V-35BV           $11,799 Cutter

841P   STTII-61V-26CH-EFI     $11,599 Cutter

840F   STT61V-25KA               $11,799 Cutter LIMITED INVENTORY

841M   STTII-61V-25KA            $11,999 Cutter

840H   STT61V-26DFI             $12,699 Cutter VERY LIMITED INVENTORY

841Q   STTII-61V-26DFI           $12,999 Cutter

841X   STTII-61V-31DFI           $13,699 Cutter


840Z   STT72V-26CH-EFI      $11,499 Cutter LIMITED INVENTORY

841T   STTII-72V-26CH-EFI    $11,999 Cutter (coming soon)

841B   STT72V-35BVAC        $11,699 Cutter VERY LIMITED INVENTORY

841V   STTII-72V-35BV           $11,999 Cutter 

841A   STT72V-26DFI            $13,199 Cutter VERY LIMITED INVENTORY

841U   STTII-72V-26DFI          $13,599 Cutter (coming soon)

841Y   STTII-72V-31DFI          $14,499 Cutter


840T   STT61V-25KBD            $15,499 Cutter 

840X   STT72V-25KBD            $16,399 Cutter


8481   STT61V-31KB-DF        $15,999 Cutter

841F   STT72V-31KB-DF        $16,399 Cutter 

840B   STT52V-25CH-LP        $11,499 Cutter 

840D   STT61V-21CH-LP        $11,699 Cutter 

Don HellerSCAG