New SCAG Accessories

New Patriot Catcher

901G         Two Fabric Bag Spindle Drive Catcher for Patriot at $1999.99 Retail

Install kit price included 

901H         Installation Kit for 52" Patriot

901J          Installation Kit for 61" Patriot

901C Two Fabric Bag Catcher(Standard) at $1399.99 retail will still work with Patriot


Accessories for the SZL36-18FR Liberty

901C/9071 GC-SZL/SFZ/SPZ/ Install kit 36"

920G          MULCH PLATE  36"

920D          HURRICANE MULCH  36"

922X          SZL DECK LATCH

923L           SZL-36 STRIPER   at $329.99 retail

923J          SZL-36 ARM REST at $104.99 retail


Don Hellerscag