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Liberty Mowers have started shipping from the SCAG factory. Many are shipping from TOP Equipment to the dealers this week. We hope to be caught up soon.

The ROP's notification sheet 01472 will need to be removed from all Liberty Mower owner packets in dealer inventory not marked with "188" on the outside of the packet. Contact TOP Equipment with questions or a copy of Service Information Sheet 188. It will be posted to the SCAG Tech site soon.


The complete SCAG Program with pricing has been updated with Liberty accessories(pages 39 to 42) and is available in a printable format as item #99SCAG on the TOP Equipment storefront


page 39

9074 Catcher is for SFZ Freedom Z mowers only

901C Catcher(coming spring 2015) is for Liberty Mowers

9069 Install kit will work on both 48" Freedom Z and Liberty Mowers

9070 Install kit will work on both 52" Freedom Z and Liberty Mowers


page 40

9293 Hurricane Mulch System for 48" Freedom Z, Liberty, and SWZT Mowers 

9294 Hurricane Mulch System for 52" Freedom Z, Liberty, and SWZT Mowers 


page 41

9298 Mulch Plate for 48" Freedom Z, Liberty, and SWZT Mowers 

9294 Mulch Plate for 52" Freedom Z, Liberty, and SWZT Mowers 


921R Lawn Striper Assembly fits Freedom Z, Liberty ,and 48"52" Cheetah

922Q (new) Striper Install kit for Liberty 48"/52"


page 42

922R(new) Liberty Light Kit at $189.99 retail

922T(new) Liberty Arm Rest kit at $104.99 retail

9242 Trailer Hitch for small frame Freedom Z, STT, and Liberty Mowers


Bonus: We have found that #920H 8" Chrome Wheel Covers(Set of 2) on page 43 will work on Liberty Mowers.

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Scag V-Ride Promotional Pricing available Feb 1 through March 31

Starting February 1, all participating dealers can sell a Scag V-Ride mower at the special promo pricing to any customer who purchases one unit or more. Any V-Ride sold and registered under the discount structure outlined below in the months of February or March will be eligible for promo dealer rebates. Contact your Territory manage for details.

• ONE unit qualifies for promo pricing.

• All V-Ride models qualify.

• Program runs February 1, 2015 – March 31, 2015.

• Units must be retailed and registered in February or March only!

• Claims must be received at TOPE no later than Tuesday, April 13th, 2015; Late claims will not be accepted!

• Units sold over the promo pricing outlined below will not be eligible for rebates. 

• Units sold under this program will not be eligible for fleet pricing extensions.

• All claims must be submitted on the V-Ride Special claim form:


8B10 SVR36A-541FS                               

$6000 Cutter   $5518 Promo 


8B11 SVR36A-19FX                                

$6900 Cutter   $6318 Promo 


8B12 SVR48V-22FX                                

$7500 Cutter   $7034 Promo   


8B17 SVR52V-23FX                                

$7800 Cutter    $7228 Promo  


8B16 SVR52V-25CV-EFI                            

$7900 Cutter    $7388 Promo  


8B14 SVR61V-25FX                                

$7900 Cutter    $7536 Promo 


8B15 SVR61V-26CV-EFI                            

$8000 Cutter    $7696 Promo  

SCAGDon Hellerv-ride
SCAG #8A25 SCZ52V-27CV at $8,999 Cutter is sold out and replaced by #8A30 SCZ52V-25CV-EFI at $9,299 Cutter

SCAG #8A25 SCZ52V-27CV at $8,999 Cutter is sold out and no longer available. It is replaced by #8A30 SCZ52V-25CV-EFI at $9,299 Cutter.   

Current SCAG Cheetahs

8A23 SCZ48V-28BS         at $8,599 Cutter

8A22 SCZ48V-25CV         at $8,799 Cutter

8A21 SCZ48V-22FX         at $8,999 Cutter                  

8A29 SCZ48V-23CV-EFI  at $9,399 Cutter

8A26 SCZ52V-28BS         at $8,799 Cutter    

8A30 SCZ52V-25CV-EFI  at $9,299 Cutter

8A24 SCZ52V-23FX         at $9,399 Cutter    

8A12 SCZ61V-27FX         at $9,999 Cutter

8A14 SCZ61V-31FX         at $10,899 Cutter

8A15 SCZ61V-34CV         at $10,899 Cutter

8A16 SCZ61V-36BV         at $10,899 Cutter

8A27 SCZ61RD-31FX      at $10,999 Cutter    

8A17 SCZ72V-31FX         at $11,099 Cutter   

8A18 SCZ72V-34KH         at $11,099 Cutter 

8A32 SCZ72V-34CV-EFI  at $11,399 Cutter 

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