ECHO and TOP Equipment have Sold Out of CS-600P-20 and CS-600P-24 at closeout prices.

ECHO and TOP Equipment have sold out of CS-600P-20 and CS-600P-24 at closeout prices. 

CS-620P models had a $100 retail price reduction last fall eliminating the CS-600P.

ECHO offers the best 59.8cc chain saw options in the industry with the available 590 Timberwolf and CS-620P models. 

Available 59.8CC Chain Saws

  • CS-590-18      TIMBERWOLF CHAINSAW   $399.99 retail  
  • CS-590-20    TIMBERWOLF CHAINSAW    $399.99 retail
  • CS-620P-20  59.8CC CHAINSAW               $549.99 retail  
  • CS-620PW-20 CHAINSAW W/WRAP HAND $579.99 retail 
  • CS-620P-24   59.8CC CHAINSAW            $559.99 retail  
  • CS-620PW-24 CS 24"B/C W/WRAP HAND  $589.99 retail 
  • CS-620P-27  CHAINSAW                              $569.99 retail 
  • CS-620PW-27 CS 27"B/C W/WRAP HAND  $599.99 retail 

SCAG Patriot Promo for August and September

New Patriot promo for August and September. Details Below:


Cutter Price       $6899

Promo Price      $6099



Cutter Price        $7499

Promo Price       $6599

  • Both Patriot models qualify for the promotion
  • Units must be retailed and registered within the promotion period  8/1/17 - 9/30/17
  • Claims must be submitted to TOPE by 10/10/17
  • Claims must be submitted on the attached form(dates reflect original program dates)
  • Claims from the original promotion, (ends 7/31/17), will still need to be submitted to TOPE by 8/11/17
  • Contact your Territory Manager for details

Click here for the Credit Rebate Form in PDF Format