Propane Mower Incentive Program returned Monday, October 10th.

Incentives are now available from the Propane Education & Research for cleaner-burning propane commercial lawn mowers nationwide.


The popular Propane Mower Incentive Program returned Monday, October 10th. This is a great opportunity for landscapers to earn $1,000 per qualifying mower purchase. Send commercial customers to for more information about applying.


Propane commercial mowers available from SCAG:

840B    STT52V-25CH-LP  $11,499 Cutter before rebate

840D    STT61V-21CH-LP  $11,699 Cutter before rebate

8481*    STT61V-31KB-DF  $15,999 Cutter before rebate

841F*    STT72V-31KB-DF  $16,399 Cutter before rebate

*requires #462222 for dedicated propane




Texas Dealers: You can apply for both the national incentive, and the incentive distributed by the Propane Council of Texas for the same propane commercial mower. Texas propane mower incentive page

Scag V-Ride Promotional Pricing available October 6 - December 31, 2016

Starting October 6th, all participating dealers can sell the V-Ride at the Scag Fleet Program price to any customer who purchases one unit or more. Any V-Ride sold and registered  October 6 - December 31, 2016 under the discount structure outlined below will be eligible for fleet rebates. Contact your Territory manager for details.

• ONE unit qualifies for V-Ride  pricing.

• All V-Ride models qualify.

• Program runs October 6 - December 31, 2016.

• Units must be retailed and registered October 6 - December 31, 2016 only!

• Claims must be received at TOPE no later than Tuesday, January 10, 2017; Late claims will not be accepted!

• Units sold over the Fleet pricing outlined below will not be eligible for rebates. 

• Units sold under this program will not be eligible for fleet pricing extensions. 

• All claims must be submitted on the V-Ride Fall Sales Event claim form:

HC-235 21.2cc 30" Single Side Hedge Trimmer and HC-245 21.2cc 40" Single Side Hedge Trimmer are sold out and no longer available.

HC-235 21.2cc 30" Single Side Hedge Trimmer and HC-245 21.2cc 40" Single Side Hedge Trimmer are sold out and no longer available. 

New HCS-3020 21.2cc 30" Single Side Hedge Trimmer is available at $519.99 retail.

New HCS-4020 21.2cc 40" Single Side Hedge Trimmer is available at $539.99 retail.

HCS - 3020/4020 Sell Sheet PDF

HCS-3020 Price Tag PDF

HCS-4020 Price Tag PDF


  • 21.2 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine

  • 5 Year Consumer/ 2 Year Commercial warranty

  • i-30TM starting system reduces starting effort by 30%

  • Light weight HCS-3020 at 12.1lbs and HCS-4020 at 13.1lbs  (lighter than HC-235/245)

  • 30” or 40" single-sided, double-reciprocating RazorEdgeTM blades.

  • Up to 1" cutting diameter

  • Includes tip guard and leaf collector

  • Offset gear box for a precise cut on the first pass

  • Rubber grommet vibration reduction engine isolation system and rubber over-molded handles for comfort

  • Commercial-duty air filtration system for longer engine life and Tool-less captive air filter cover

  • Front facing exhaust prevents brush-browning

Available ECHO Hedge Trimmers

Double-sided Hedge Trimmers

HC-152   21.2CC 20" HEDGE TRIMMER                    $289.99

HC-155   21.2CC 24" HEDGE TRIMMER                    $379.99

HC-2420 21.2CC 24" HEDGE TRIMMER                    $499.99

HC-3020 21.2CC 30" HEDGE TRIMMER                    $519.99

Single-sided Hedge Trimmers
HCS-3020 21.2CC 30" HEDGER TRIMMER                $519.99

HCS-4020 21.2CC 40" HEDGER TRIMMER                $539.99


Shafted Hedge Trimmers                                                       

SHC-225S 21.2CC SHAFT HEDGE CLIPPER              $359.99

SHC-225   21.2CC 33" SHAFT HEDGE CLIPPER        $419.99

SHC-266   25.4CC 51" SHAFT HEDGE CLIPPER        $479.99


SCAG and TOPE are sold out of #8787 STC52V-22FX at $8,299 Cutter Price

Scag and TOP Equipment are sold out of #8787 STC52V-22FX  at $8,299 Cutter price. This standard Tiger Cat has been replaced by the new Tiger Cat II #8797 STCII-52V-22FX at $9,299 Cutter price.

Available Tiger Cat inventory

8795   STCII-48V-22FS           $7,899 Cutter or $7,299 promo*

8796   STCII-48V-23CV          $8,999 Cutter

8797   STCII-52V-22FX           $9,299 Cutter 

8798   STCII-52V-26CV-EFI    $9,499 Cutter

8793   STC61V-26CV-EFI        $8,999 Cutter

8799   STCII-61V-23FX            $9,699 Cutter

870A   STCII-61V-26CV-EFI    $9,799 Cutter 


*Contact your TM for special Promo pricing on STCII-48V-22FS

ECHO National Sales Event

ECHO National Sales Event

PB-250LN at $149.99 and PB-580H/T at $299.99 September1 through November 30th

PB-250LN promotional retail $149.99 

standard retail $169.99


PB-580H/T promotional retail $299.99

standard retail $329.99


Matched pricing on Shindaiwa units September1 through November 30th

EB212 promotional retail $149.99

standard retail $169.99


EB600RT promotional retail $299.99

standard retail $329.99


Contact your Territory Manager for details. 

TOP Equipment Labor Day Schedule

TOP Equipment will be closed Monday, September 5th for Labor Day

 We are closing early at noon on Friday, September 2nd. Please have your orders in by 10:30 AM for same day shipping. We will be open for normal business and shipping on Tuesday, September 6th. 

Updated SCAG Bid & Fleet Rebate Pages

A complete updated 2016 Scag Program is available in a printable format as item #99SCAG on the TOP Equipment storefront

Please note that Bid and Fleet rebate amounts have changed on the following models:

8795 STCII-48V-22FS 

8787 STC52V-22FX

8793  STC61V-26CV-EFI 

841X STTII-61V-31DFI

841Y STTII-72V-31DFI

Updated Bid and Fleet rebate pages have been emailed to Scag dealers. Please contact Customer Service or your Territory Manager with any questions.