SCAG #8A25 SCZ52V-27CV at $8,999 Cutter is sold out and replaced by #8A30 SCZ52V-25CV-EFI at $9,299 Cutter

SCAG #8A25 SCZ52V-27CV at $8,999 Cutter is sold out and no longer available. It is replaced by #8A30 SCZ52V-25CV-EFI at $9,299 Cutter.   

Current SCAG Cheetahs

8A23 SCZ48V-28BS         at $8,599 Cutter

8A22 SCZ48V-25CV         at $8,799 Cutter

8A21 SCZ48V-22FX         at $8,999 Cutter                  

8A29 SCZ48V-23CV-EFI  at $9,399 Cutter

8A26 SCZ52V-28BS         at $8,799 Cutter    

8A30 SCZ52V-25CV-EFI  at $9,299 Cutter

8A24 SCZ52V-23FX         at $9,399 Cutter    

8A12 SCZ61V-27FX         at $9,999 Cutter

8A14 SCZ61V-31FX         at $10,899 Cutter

8A15 SCZ61V-34CV         at $10,899 Cutter

8A16 SCZ61V-36BV         at $10,899 Cutter

8A27 SCZ61RD-31FX      at $10,999 Cutter    

8A17 SCZ72V-31FX         at $11,099 Cutter   

8A18 SCZ72V-34KH         at $11,099 Cutter 

8A32 SCZ72V-34CV-EFI  at $11,399 Cutter 

SHINDAIWA UN10 is replaced by 78890-40000 Universal Manual Head at $27.99 Retail

SHINDAIWA UN10 Heavy-Duty High Profile Manual Head (clamshell) at $19.99 retail is sold out and no longer available. It is replaced by 78890-40000 Universal head at $27.99 retail or optional 78890-40000B (bulk 24 pack) for Shindaiwa only at $20.99 retail.


78890-40000 Universal high capacity Manual head at $27.99 retail

Additional adaptors have been added to clamshell package:

V216000070 7 x 10mm mounting stud for Red Max and SHINDAIWA

V225000240 8 x 10mm mounting stud for Red Max and SHINDAIWA

V226000070 10 x 10mm mounting stud for Red Max

X471000120 10 X 1.25mm arbor with 12mm recess for Husqvarna

X471000020 10 X 1.0mm arbor with 15mm recess for Stihl

Head is standard with 10mm LHF for use on ECHO


78890-40000B High capacity Manual head for SHINDAIWA only at $20.99 retail  (bulk 24 pack) includes V216000070 7 x 10mm and V225000240 8 x 10mm studs for SHINDAIWA. Head is standard with 10mm LHF for use on ECHO.

Scag has introduced 841F STT72V-31KB-DF Dual-Fuel at $15,999 Cutter

Scag has introduced 841F STT72V-31KB-DF  Dual-Fuel

Suggested List  $17,499

Cutter               $15,999

The new STT72V-31KB-DF Dual-Fuel runs on either gasoline or propane, and yet again sets itself apart from the competition. The operator can switch between the two fuel sources by simply flipping a switch right from the seat, even with the engine running! This level of flexibility can not be found on any other mower today. Units in stock at TOP Equipment.

Flip the switch over to propane, cut grass and leave beautiful results with the Velocity Plus cutter deck. Running low on propane, or working in an area where it is not required? Flip the switch back over to gasoline. 

Note: To meet the demands of propane-only requirements, this model can be easily converted to propane-only by installing a simple conversion kit, part number 462222

ECHO SRM-225 at $199.99 Trimmer (September 11- October 12)

ECHO SRM-225 at $199.99 (September 11th- October 12th)  

Let's keep the SRM-225 sales rolling! 

All Dealers: Please submit your receipts to TOP Equipment by October 31st.

Contact your Territory Manager for details.

Updated Fall BILLY GOAT and GIANT VAC programs are posted to "Specials and Programs" on the TOP Equipment Dealer Order Site

Updated Fall BILLY GOAT and Fall GIANT VAC programs are posted to "Specials and Programs" on the TOP Equipment Dealer order site. They are available in a printable format with suggested retail and dealer cost as item #99BILLYGOAT or 99GIANTVAC on the TOP Equipment storefront

New Billy Goat Items

New F601V 205cc VANGUARD BLOWER F SERIES at $750 retail

FZ1300H $2849 retail replaced by

New FZ1301H at $2600 retail plus B442607 foot controller at $252.74 retail or new optional finger controllers. 

New renovation trailer #B372001 at $1275.00. Rated for 500lbs at 55 mph   PDF of Sell Sheet

New Giant Vac Items

New lower Retail of $925 on 6200J 5hp Subaru Vac! 


Please contact your Territory Manager for Giant Vac or Billy Goat booking details.