ECHO National Sales Event 2017

ECHO National Sales Event 2017

SRM-225 promotional retail  $199.99

GT-225 promotional retail $149.99

PB-250LN promotional retail $149.99


March 13 - June 30, 2017

Contact your Territory Manager for details.

Changes to the 2017 SCAG / GIANT VAC Fleet Program

Patriot Mowers are now part of the SCAG Fleet Program

Changes to the 2017 SCAG GIANT VAC Fleet Program are noted in Bold text below

  • .5 POINTS

Giant Vac Extreme Wheel Blowers


  • 1  POINT

Belt Drive Walks

Spindle Drive ZTR baggers


  • 2  POINTS



  • 3  POINTS(previously 2.5 points)

Hydro Walks

Heavy Duty Hitch Mount Truck Loaders


  • 4  POINTS

Patriots(new to Fleet program) 

Heavy Duty Tow-Behind Truck Loaders


  • 5  POINTS

Tiger Cats & Tiger Cat II (previously 4 points)

48"/52" Cheetahs

Industrial Tow-Behind Truck Loaders


  • 6  POINTS

Turf Tigers 

Turf Tiger II

61"/72" Cheetahs


Industrial Diesel Tow-Behind Truck Loaders


Updated Fleet Rebate form can always be found at


A printable pdf of the complete 2017 updated Scag Program is always available as item # 99SCAG on the TOP Equipment storefront

SCAG V-Ride Promotional Pricing available through May 31, 2017

Starting now, all participating dealers can sell the V-Ride at the SCAG Fleet Program price to any customer who purchases one unit or more. Any V-Ride sold and registered  February 9 - May 31, 2017 under the discount structure outlined below will be eligible for fleet rebates. Contact your Territory manager for details.

• ONE unit qualifies for V-Ride  pricing.

• All V-Ride models qualify.

• Program runs February 9 - May 31, 2017.

• Units must be retailed and registered February 9 - May 31, 2017 only!

• Claims must be received at TOPE no later than Friday, June 9, 2017; Late claims will not be        accepted!

• Units sold over the Fleet pricing outlined below will not be eligible for rebates. 

• Units sold under this program will not be eligible for fleet pricing extensions. 

• All claims must be submitted on the V-Ride Fall Sales Event claim form:

New SCAG Diesel Turf Tiger II Models Available

New Diesel Turf Tiger II models available:

841N  STTII-61V-25KBD at $17,599 retail and $15,899 Cutter

841S  STTII-72V-25KBD at $18,599 retail and $16,799 Cutter (available now)


New Bid/Fleet rebate schedule on 8A12 SCZ61V-27FX


A printable pdf of the entire updated 2017 Scag Program is always available as item # 99SCAG on the TOP Equipment storefront

New SCAG Accessories

New Patriot Catcher

901G         Two Fabric Bag Spindle Drive Catcher for Patriot at $1999.99 Retail

Install kit price included 

901H         Installation Kit for 52" Patriot

901J          Installation Kit for 61" Patriot

901C Two Fabric Bag Catcher(Standard) at $1399.99 retail will still work with Patriot


Accessories for the SZL36-18FR Liberty

901C/9071 GC-SZL/SFZ/SPZ/ Install kit 36"

920G          MULCH PLATE  36"

920D          HURRICANE MULCH  36"

922X          SZL DECK LATCH

923L           SZL-36 STRIPER   at $329.99 retail

923J          SZL-36 ARM REST at $104.99 retail